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BRYCE UNIVERSE - Вселенная Bryce - is the largest Russian-language web portal dedicated to working with one of the best programs to create fantastic real worlds.  You don't believe it? Visit to our gallery!

On pages of the site you'll find Forums, Blogs and Galleries where we share artist's works, share lessons to work with the program, give tips and share some lucky finds. We tell how the program is arranged, how to begin working with it and how interesting choices help to accomplish unexpected effects.

On our site we share 3D models, textures for them and other additions created by participants of the project and our friends. All these materials are free for downloading. The majority of them can be used  not only with Bryce, but also with other 3D-editors. 

We offer to help to solve the difficulties that might arise while working on a project.

But the Universe Bryce would be not the universe if it was limited to only one, albeit a very good editor. In our universe you can find tips, lessons and resources for different programs used to create computer graphics.

First of all, on the site and forum you can find a lot of information on working with DazStudio — the freeware program through which our worlds come to their inhabitants.  The possibilities using DazStudio are endless.

Another inhabitant of BRYCE UNIVERSE is the 3D-editor – Vue. You will be able to find images created in Vue and also tips and lessons on working with it.

If you don't have enough the models in Bryce some use Hexagon to create their own figures. This section is not too extensive, but we are actively working on its development.

There are tips about postwork on your images using different Photoshops that will be useful even for those who don't work with a 3D-drawing program.

Come visit us! We always welcome guests and new participants!
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